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  • Classification of Cell Cycle Phase by Image-Based Deep Learning

    As anyone peering into a microscope can attest, eukaryotic cells contain a rich landscape of visual features and landmarks whose complex dynamics nearly defy human comprehension.
    Could a deep learning AI work with microscopic images to … More

  • A new window into psychosis

    A new window into psychosis Researchers link psychosis to the omission of chemical rewards in mouse brains

    A recent study in mice led a team of researchers in Japan to believe that psychosis may be caused by problems with specialized nerve c… More

  • Sharper Images of Neurons with a Noise-Reducing AI

    AI based on deep machine learning continues to serve as a platform for the development of new applications in biological research. With the development of more powerful microscopy systems coupled with novel molecular and cellular label… More

  • Toward “Explainable” Biomarkers for Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia is a common mental illness characterized by disordered sensing and thinking. Symptoms include recurrent episodes of psychosis, including hallucinations and delusions, and can extend to affective and motivational def… More

  • How Does a Mouse’s Visual Cortex “See” the World?

    One of the more remarkable talents of the mammalian brain is its ability to convert photons from visual scenes into interpretable patterns of neural signals in the visual cortex. The rules of this conversion of information have been well s… More

  • Wisdom of the Crowd? Building Better Forecasts from Suboptimal Predictors

    Researchers at the University of Tokyo and Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. have introduced a method for enhancing the power of existing algorithms to forecast the future of unknown time series. By combining the predictions of many subopti… More

  • Untangling Psychiatric Disorders with Brain Structural Imaging

    Psychiatric disorders are usually diagnosed by observations of clinical symptoms over time. These symptoms may be specific to a particular psychiatric disorder, or common across one or more other disorders. Could disease-unique and c… More

  • Scientists identify protein that promotes brain metastasis

    A protein that breast, lung and other cancers use to promote their spread – or metastasis – to the brain, has been identified by a team led by Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian investigators.

    The protein, CEMIP, will now be a f… More

  • Pupil dilation and heart rate, analyzed by AI, may offer early autism diagnosis

    (Credit: Pietro Artoni/Boston Children's Hospital)

    Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders often aren’t diagnosed until a child is a few years of age, when behavioral interventions and speech/occupational therapy become les… More

  • A Mathematical Theory for Disease Prediction

    The clinical diagnosis of a disease is based on a doctor’s assessment after seeing a patient’s overt symptoms and running confirmatory laboratory tests. However, the development of a disease obviously begins far earlier and novel metho… More