Press Release

  • A Synaptic Link Between Epigenomic Control and Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia is a complex psychiatric disorder with polygenic and potential environmental contributions to its etiology. In the last few decades, genetic risk factors have been identified but their biological mechanisms remain lar… More

  • A Reservoir Computing Model for Real World Prediction

    Among the speed bumps on the road to a better AI, the rapid proliferation of big data has exceeded the practical processing ability of computational tools for real-world modeling. In particular, data from short time-series events with hi… More

  • Future mental health care may include diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm

    Computer IDs differences in brains of patients with schizophrenia or autism

    MRI images like this one were screened by a machine learning computer algorithm. The algorithm learned to identify the brains of nonpatients, patients diagnos… More

  • Music on the Brain

    A study of neurological variation in Japanese classical and Western classical musicians

    For the first time, a study compares, and finds measurable differences, between the brains of Japanese classical and Western classical musicians… More

  • Dreaming with purpose (Joint press release with University of Tsukuba)

    Researchers from University of Tsukuba identify neurons responsible for memory consolidation during REM sleep

    The activity of ABNs during REM sleep consolidates memory.
    Fear learning recruits a population of young adult-born neuron… More

  • Why some people may hear colors

    Synesthesia (共感覚) may result from incomplete pruning (剪定) of neural connections in the brain during infancy, a study by Director Takao Hensch of International Research Center of Neurointelligence (IRCN)The University of Tokyo Instit… More

  • Classification of Cell Cycle Phase by Image-Based Deep Learning

    As anyone peering into a microscope can attest, eukaryotic cells contain a rich landscape of visual features and landmarks whose complex dynamics nearly defy human comprehension.
    Could a deep learning AI work with microscopic images to … More

  • A new window into psychosis

    A new window into psychosis Researchers link psychosis to the omission of chemical rewards in mouse brains

    A recent study in mice led a team of researchers in Japan to believe that psychosis may be caused by problems with specialized nerve c… More

  • Sharper Images of Neurons with a Noise-Reducing AI

    AI based on deep machine learning continues to serve as a platform for the development of new applications in biological research. With the development of more powerful microscopy systems coupled with novel molecular and cellular label… More

  • Toward “Explainable” Biomarkers for Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia is a common mental illness characterized by disordered sensing and thinking. Symptoms include recurrent episodes of psychosis, including hallucinations and delusions, and can extend to affective and motivational def… More