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Oct 21, 2019Dr. Yukie Nagai is listed in the “30 women in robotics you need to know about – 2019”.
Sep 17, 2019IRCN Welcomes Dr. Zenas Chao as Principal Investigator
Sep 9, 2019IRCN BabyLab Website Open! (Laboratory by Dr. Sho Tsuji)
Jul 31, 2019Column by Ms. Midori Ozawa, Deputy General Manager is on URA Mail Magazine, Osaka University
May 29, 2019IRCN is on The Nikkei Morning Edition, "Pioneer of Research Globalization"
Apr 17, 2019Interview Article about "Neurointelligence" by Dr. Kazuyuki Aihara on Diamond Harvard Business Review Online
Apr 9, 2019Director Takao Hensch named Program Co-Director of Child & Brain Development Program of CIFAR
Apr 1, 2019IRCN Welcomes Dr. Yukie Nagai, Dr. Sho Tsuji and Dr. Naohiro Okada
Oct 29, 2018Japan Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Produces the Movie about Child-rearing Assistance (Co-Supported by Professor Haruo Kasai)
May 25, 2018IRCN launched at Boston Children's Hospital

Press Release

Nov 5, 2019Scientists identify protein that promotes brain metastasis
Jul 22, 2019Pupil dilation and heart rate, analyzed by AI, may offer early autism diagnosis
Jun 25, 2019A Mathematical Theory for Disease Prediction
May 10, 2019A Suite of Multicolor Calcium Sensors for Reading Fast Neuronal Circuit Dynamics
Apr 15, 2019Study Shows How Ketamine Reverses Depression—and How its Benefits Could Be Extended
Mar 7, 2019Teaching AI to Improve Visual Recognition
Feb 18, 2019How the antidepressant ketamine rapidly awakens the brain, and why its effects vary more in women
Jan 24, 2019Prosocial Behavior and the Teenage Brain
Dec 18, 2018Growing a Brain: Two-Step Control Mechanism Identified in Mouse Stem Cells
Oct 26, 2018Pheromone in Baby's Tears Dampens Female Libido