On November 10, 2018, The 3rd Japan-US Science Forum in Boston (2018) ~Changing the World through Japan's Scientific Endeavors~ "The Science of Sleep" was held at Harvard University in Boston, USA.

Professor Takao Hensch, IRCN Director, acted as a moderator of this forum and Professor Hiroki Ueda, IRCN Principal Invetigator, delivered the lecture: “Systems Biology of Mammalian Sleep/Wake Cycles -Toward Molecular Definition of Non-REM and REM Sleeps-".

The picture from the panel discussion, “Sleep and Society”

© Mr.Ifedayo S.Omotunde

Also a picture from the forum
(from the left)
Kohji Hirata (Director of JSPS Washington Office)
Rokuichiro Michii (Consul General of Japan in Boston)
Masashi Yanagisawa (Professor of University of Tsukuba & Director of International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine)
Ueda Hiroki (IRCN Principal Investigator)
Takao Hensch (IRCN Director)