Understanding how human intelligence arises is the ultimate challenge for IRCN.
Powerful integration of modern circuit biology, computational and clinical perspectives will be essential.
To integrate more, IRCN welcomed some of the world’s thought leaders at the “Frontiers of Neurointelligence”.

Date: July 24, 2018  9:30-17:30

Venue: Tetsumon Memorial Hall, Tetsumon Memorial Hall 14F Experimental Research Building, School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo


Naoshige Uchida (Harvard University)
“Reinforcement learning and dopamine”

Daphne Bavelier (University of Geneva)
“Learning to learn: Lessons from action video games”

Masashi Sugiyama (UTokyo/IRCN/RIKEN AIP)
“Recent advances in machine learning research and beyond”

David Cox (IBM/Harvard University)
“Reverse engineering the visual cortex to advance machine learning”

Shigeo Okabe (UTokyo/IRCN)
“Synapse remodeling in vitro and in vivo”

Rebecca Saxe (MIT)
“Social origins of cortical face areas"


Sponsored by International Research Center for Neurointelligence (WPI-IRCN), The University of Tokyo Institutes for Advanced Study

Supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)