On October 19 (early morning of October 20, JST), the UTokyo International Research Center for Neurointelligence (WPI-IRCN) held a public event titled: IRCN and UTokyo NY Office Event ”How does Human Intelligence arise?”. The venue was the Cornell Tech Verizon Executive Education Center located on Roosevelt Island, New York.

How does Human Intelligence arise? How does IRCN tackles this question? In the lecture session, Dr. Takao Hensch (IRCN Director and Professor), Dr. Yukiko Gotoh (IRCN principal Investigator and Professor at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Dr. Kenichi Ohki (IRCN principal Investigator and Professor at Graduate School of Medicine), and Dr. Laurel Gabard-Durnam (IRCN Associate Research Fellow and Associate Professor at Northeastern University) each gave a talk and shared their findings from their cutting edge research results. During the discussion session that followed, the speakers answered questions from the onsite audience and webinar participants.

At the networking reception held for onsite participants, a panel display was held to show some of the key differences between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, as well as the possibilities that can be opened up when these two are better understood and combined. A video outlining the activities of IRCN was also shown. These exhibitions showcased essence of IRCN’s unique approach of combining neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.