1. Short-Term Visit (90 days or less)
    1. Visitors from countries or regions exempt from visa

      No visa is necessary to enter Japan unless the visitor receives rewards or salaries (excluding travel expenses) during their stay in Japan.

    2. Visitors from other countries or regions

      A short-term visa is necessary to enter Japan. Follow the procedures below.

      1. Send a copy of your passport and itinerary to IRCN office at least once month before the day you plan to enter Japan.
      2. IRCN Office issues and sends documents which you need to submit to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General in your home country.
      3. Submit them with other necessary documents to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General with jurisdiction over your place of residence.
  2. Long Term Visit (more than 90 days)

    Visitors who stay longer than 90 consecutive days in Japan or receive rewards or salary (excluding travel expenses) must obtain a visa. Most of the visitors obtain a "Professor Visa", even if they do not possess professorship.

    Please contact IRCN Office if you would like to obtain a Professor visa.


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