The IRCN mission is to facilitate the creation of a "Neurointelligence" field at the confluence of neuroscience, AI, technology development, clinical research, and human/social science. To guide this process, the ORS is developing a coherent framework of programs and events for the dellivery of transdisciplinary fusion research via collaboration and communication. Based on extensive international research, academic, and industrial experience, the office researches, develops and implements strategic tools and tactics for scientific planning, external funding, and researcher and career development for a future workforce in "Neurointelligence". The office also manages the IRCN Science Writing Core to support and educate IRCN researchers in all forms of scientific communication for high-level international visibility and engagement.

Charles Yokoyama
Project Professor
Executive Director
Mayumi Kimura
Project Associate Professor
Yoko Yamaguchi
Project Lecturer