Cai Lab is interested in the following areas of research: (1) the computational mechanism underlying human learning and decision making, especially in how we form a mental model of the environment; (2) application of cognitive model, behavioral experiments and natural task fMRI to understanding psychiatric disorders (through collaboration with other labs); (3) developing deep learning model inspired by the brain, for learning interpretable generative model of environment and/or learning with intrinsic motivation; (4) development and application of advanced Bayesian and deep learning algorithms for brain imaging (primarily fMRI) data.
IRCN is seeking Research Assistant who will support and join research in Cai lab. A Research Assistant will be required to perform support duties in the lab. Backgrounds in the following fields are especially welcome: cognitive and experimental psychology, computational neuroscience, machine learning, computer science. Independent thinking and collaborating spirits are highly valued. Good Japanese skills is a plus although the working language is English.

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Application Requirements

Job title
IRCN Project Academic Support Staff/Specialist
Emplyment Period
Starting Date: Negotiable, as early as November 1, 2020
The contact will be ended on March 31, 2021.
The first contract will be ended on March 31, 2021 (due to Japanese fiscal year). The contract is renewable on a fiscal year basis (from April 1 to March 31; every year) according to research budget, research activity, and research achievements.
Maximal contract duration is until March 31, 2022.
Probationary Period
Six months from the date of arrival
Place of Work
International Research Center for Neurointelligence, Cai Laboratory
The University of Tokyo, Institutes for Advanced Study
7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, 113-0033 JAPAN
*This can be changed due to work circumstances.
Job Description
The job may include the following under the supervision of the principal investigator or postdoc in the lab: conducting experiments, data analysis, and programming, analyzing literature, and assisting other lab activity. The exact content of work will be determined by the principal investigator based on the research directions of the lab, and considering the skills and interests of the candidate.
Although we are looking for academic support specialist/staff, Cai Lab appreciates active participation in all stages of research regardless of candidate's position. Independent thinking, innovative ideas and active suggestion for research are highly welcome. Interest and relevant knowledge/skills in cognition, psychiatric disorder or AI are major factors for candidate screening.
● Bachelor degree or above in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, computer science, or a relevant field.
● Can communicate in English. Interested in research of cognition, psychiatry or AI.

● Good Japanese skill.
● Good programming and mathematical skills.
● Experience in psychological / psychiatric research or machine learning or fMRI data analysis.
Please refer to more information at
Working Hours
Working days: 5 days per week (from Monday to Friday)
Working hours: 38 hours 45 minutes per week
*Overtime work may be ordered.
*Working Days and Hours may be subject to change due to circumstances.
Saturday and Sundays; Statutory public holidays of Japan; Year-end and New Year holidays(December 29 through January 3)
Paid leaves, Refreshment leave, etc
(In accordance with The University of Tokyo regulations )
Compensation & Benefits
● Salary: Salary is based on experience and in accordance with the University of Tokyo regulations
● Commuter allowance: JPY55,000 per month at maximum
● Overtime allowance: Depends on hours of each month
● No retirement benefits or bonuses
Available Insurances
Eligible for MEXT* Mutual Aid Association membership, employees’ pension, employment insurance, and workers’ accident compensation insurance. (*MEXT: Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
Application material:
● A brief explanation of your interest and reason for the application ● Transcript
● Curriculum vitae in English

● Contact information for reference
● Sample of programming codes written by yourself
Interested applicants should send application materials to: (Please replace # with @ before using this email address) with subject line "[Research Assistant] + your name ”.
Applications Deadline
When the position is filled.
All applications will be screened, and only those qualified will be scheduled for an interview (on-site or via video).
Inquiries (Please replace # with @ before using this email address) with subject line "【Inquiry】[Research Assistant] + your name”.
Recruiter Name
The University of Tokyo
* Submitted documents will not be returned.
* Personal information is handled carefully according to the Privacy Policy of the University of Tokyo, and will be used only for the job selection process.
* Travel cost will not be paid in screening process.
* The University of Tokyo promotes gender equality and actively encourages women to apply.